Ultimate Love

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is stronger than authority, jealousy, bribery, talent, or oppression.

When you invest love, it returns multiplied. Lives are changed, loyalty is developed and hope is inspired. This is why LOVE CAN.

We believe that love poured out on the metro through a million acts of love can change the trajectory of our city. When tens of thousands of people band together under the banner of love, they are unstoppable.

Love is inexhaustible. Unless you are a human being. The truth is, we have our limits, our capacity, our finiteness that makes us a mixed bag of limited love.  This is why our world is such a mess – because people, even with good intentions, have a limited amount of love. We resort to other resources, tricks, tools and manipulations to get our way. If we are to experience love in accelerated measures, we must find the source of ultimate love.

The source of ultimate inexhaustible love exists. It is found in the bottomless well of the one who created us. Did you know that God made us IN love and FOR love? The Father, Son and Spirit exist in an eternal, bountiful love experience and created us to enjoy that experience with them. Humanity is invited into the experience of the love of God. We reflect God’s character best when we love.

Jesus came to planet earth to show love and share love. He healed the sick, freed the slave, taught the truth and loved the unlovely. He was the ultimate embodiment of love. And he proved his love by giving his life and raising from the dead. This showed the extent of God’s love for you – and his desire to connect with you in love now and forever. He then becomes a reservoir of love that empowers every person who connects to his strength.

Small communities of God’s love have popped up all over the globe – by the million. Many of these communities, more commonly known as churches, are right here in Omaha. When a church is working right, it is the ultimate love station. Communities of faith that connect people to the ultimate source of love – God himself.

You are invited to the ultimate source of love and the communities around Omaha that embody that love.  Join in the million acts of love. Show up at a church that embodies the ‘love can’ message. Connect deeply with the God who is the source of love. Together, we can change the city by love.