35 days1,000,000 acts of love

Sometimes the numbers do add up, and this time, they add up to unfathomable change.

Join us for our Million Acts of Love Project

Beginning on Easter Sunday…

…and continuing throughout the Love Can Campaign, we are asking participating church members (over 30,000 prayerful people!) to commit one small daily act of kindness for 35 consecutive days. This translates to 1,000,000+ acts of love gifted to our city in just over a month.

Here’s some inspiration
for simple ways to spread kindness:

  • Shoot an encouraging text to someone who needs bolstering
  • Take your elderly neighbor’s garbage to the curb for them
  • Call friends or family members just to say you love them
  • Bake brownies for someone who needs cheering
  • Offer to return someone’s shopping cart for them
  • Let a person check out before you
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Pray with someone in need

Can we really affect change?

…life altering, citywide change – by holding a door or writing a note of support?

Maybe not independently. But, collectively we can.

We are 30,000 strong, and we know that all things are possible through Love. Let’s get started!